On the ground floor in Malan Fossa’s home in Hoyvík, there is a small workshop with two employees. The place is full of vitality. Here Malan Fosaa and her daughter Oda make bags and jewellery from salmon-, seal- and sheep skin.

Malan started her handbag venture 8 years ago. She was 54 years old and ready for a new chapter in life. Now working as a self-employed designer she finds herself surrounded by Faroese salmon skin, leather and sheep skin. – I wanted to do something on the Faroe Islands that no one else did. I wanted to make bags and jewellery from locally sourced materials. Malan’s products quickly became popular, and she realised she was onto something.

All items by Fosaa are skilfully and carefully handmade by designers Malan Fosaa and her daughter Oda. Each item is unique and of high quality. They are made from Nordic materials – salmon skin from the Faroe Islands, seal skin from Greenland and sheep skin from Iceland.

Items from Fosaa are available at: 

  • Østrøm in Tórshavn
  • The Tax-free shop at the airport
  • The information desk at the airport
  • The ferry Smyril
  • Hotel Hafnia
“The day, that we feel like we can't keep up anymore, is the day that we will quit.
This is artisanry, and it should not be outsourced to anywhere else in the world”
Malan & Oda Fosaa
Designer & owner
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